About From The Earth Dispensaries

Cannabis Dispensary located in MO

From The Earth MO is a fully licensed cannabis dispensary built with our community in mind. Our business is made up of Missouri locals of all ages and walks of life.


We are here to help people understand the benefits of cannabis, while also working towards undoing years of stigma and disinformation about these incredible plants.

Our Mission

We are here to help people understand the benefits of cannabis and how it can fit into a healthy lifestyle. Our goal is to shine a light on the true potential of cannabis and how it can play a role in the relief of pain and anxiety.

Our Essence

Not every ailment, mental or physical, requires synthetic pharmaceuticals. The Earth has given us the means to treat ourselves naturally, and we support the use of what we’ve been given to live healthier lives.

Our Promise

Whether it’s raising awareness about incarcerated Missourians who have been penalized disproportionately in the war on drugs, or by providing financial resources to local economic development organizations, we are always working to be a positive force of change in our community.

Our Vibe

We believe in and love what we do. When you come into our dispensaries, we hope you’ll leave feeling the same way we do. Our team is passionate about what our products can do, and we look forward to sharing our knowledge with our fellow Missourians.