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Sweet Stone

Sweet Stone is Heartland Labs premier cannabis infused edible line. They use high quality ingredients for all of their products and infuse them with their own premium distillate. Since they use distillate, a pure, tasteless and odorless concentrate, you get effective and safe products that taste just how their family recipes intended. With a wide variety of products from chocolate bars to gummies, and infused honey, Sweet Stone is dedicated to providing effective, safe and delicious cannabis infused edibles to the medical marijuana patients of Missouri.

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Local Cannabis Co.

Dedicated to finding the most unique terpene profiles from the world’s best breeders, Local Cannabis Co. prides itself in bringing you elite genetics in their peak state. They select (“pheno hunt”) their own varietals and never use the same common genetics found in nurseries, ensuring a unique flavor and experience in each jar. Enjoy their flagship flavors, and always be on the lookout for their new hunts.

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