Let the Good Times Roll: What Are the Best Pre-Roll Brands?

Let the Good Times Roll: What Are the Best Pre-Roll Brands?

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If you love the convenience and camaraderie of smoking a joint, but haven’t quite mastered the high art of rolling, you’ll love pre-rolls! Pre-rolled joints have all the terpene-boosted benefits and strain-specific effects of your favorite cannabis flower, all rolled up and ready to smoke. All you need is a lighter! But what are the best pre-rolls to get? You asked, we answer. We carry all of the best pre-roll brands, so keep reading and let From The Earth take you on a guided tour of the best prerolls on our menu!


hybrid prerolls
One of our best pre-roll brands, Illicit Smokos 5-packs come in retro cassette tape packaging for an old school vibe.


What are the Best Pre-Rolls?

It’s no surprise that Missouri’s favorite cannabis cultivator Illicit Gardens is one of the best pre-roll brands we carry at From The Earth. Illicit Smokos are available pre-rolled with all of your favorite strains, inducing sativa, indica, and hybrid options. Smokos are available as 1-gram singles, or in 2-packs, 5-packs, or 10-packs of half-gram pre-rolls. Light up one of the following premium Illicit strains the next time you want to smoke a spliff.

Best Sativa Pre-Rolls

Illicit’s uplifting sativa strains are available in convenient Smokos pre-roll form. Choose from these favorites, among others:

Best Indica Pre-Rolls

Looking for a calming indica pre-roll? One of these Smokos options will soothe your urge for ready-to-go relaxation:

Best Hybrid Pre-Rolls

Illicit also pre-rolls a wide range of their hybrid flower strains. These hybrids provide balanced effects, making them an easy choice for day or night joint-passing:


twax infused preroll
Infused pre-rolls contain ground cannabis buds, plus the added boost of distillate wax, kief, or THC diamonds.


Best Infused Pre-Rolls

For added potency and a stronger high, experienced stoners turn to infused pre-rolls. At From The Earth, we carry a variety of infused pre-rolls from the best pre-roll brands. Infused pre-rolls contain ground cannabis flower as well as the addition of kief, distillate, or THC “diamonds” for supercharged effects.

What is the best infused pre-roll on the market?

Twax, from trusted extracts company The Clear, is a customer favorite at From The Earth. Every 1-g Twax pre-roll is infused with a hefty 200 mg of THC distillate, along with plant-derived terpenes that provide tasty flavors like Banana Cream, Grapevine, Lime Sorbet, and others.

THC diamonds are another popular way to add potency to your pre-roll. “Diamonds” are crystals made of pure THCA (THC acid). When THCA is heated (decarboxylated), it becomes THC, taking your high to another level.

What is the best diamond infused pre roll on our menu?

Our customers love FUBAR! With inviting strain flavors like Candied Grapefruit and Wedding Crasher, each of their extra-potent diamond-infused pre-rolls contain 0.75 g of premium flower, along with a hard-hitting 150 mg of THCA diamonds. Best for cannabis aficionados with a high tolerance, FUBAR definitely lives up to its name!

Best Pre-Rolled Blunts

Blunts are joints that have been rolled in a cigar paper, providing additional flavor and tobacco-based effects. From The Earth carries a variety of pre-rolled blunts so you can skip all the prep work and get puffing.

What are the best pre-roll blunts? Our blunt-smoking customers like to keep their stash replenished with the Kush Kingdom Blunt Pack from Franklin’s– thanks to their perfectly-packed, effective strain blends and 5-pack convenience.

We also have infused blunts! If you’re looking for an extra-potent blunt with wax and kief, you’ll love Bambino Infused hand-rolled blunts. You can’t go wrong with these small-batch blunts– they come in delicious flavors like Creme de Menthe and Trop Cherry, and each one is finished with a glass tip for a touch of class.


pre-rolled blunt
Pre-rolled blunts contain premium weed wrapped in a tobacco-based cigar paper.


Best Pre-Rolls in Missouri

As you can see, there is a wide variety of pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes on the market! From traditional sativa, indica, and hybrid choices, to power-packed pre-rolls infused with distillate and diamonds, to boosted blunts, From The Earth carries all of Missouri’s best pre-roll brands.

From The Earth has five different Missouri dispensary locations near you for your convenience!

Ready to roll? Shop the best pre-roll brands at From The Earth and pick them up today!




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David Craig is the VP of Marketing for Illicit and From The Earth. Craig has been on the ground floor of developing multiple lifestyle and retail brands in the cannabis, fitness, and entertainment industries from Las Vegas to New York City.