Infused Pre-Rolls–Our Top 10 Picks You Should Try Today

Infused Pre-Rolls–Our Top 10 Picks You Should Try Today

The wide array of marijuana products on the market can become overwhelming. Many cannabis brands create various products that appeal to people of all stripes. However, it’s usually tricky to figure out which product is the right one. And how to choose it?

Pre-rolls have achieved enormous popularity in the last few years. Reliable data shows sales of cannabis pre-rolls bumped by roughly 50% from 2019-to 2020. That increase happened despite the pandemic.

This article delves into these issues. It will address hemp pre-rolls marijuana pre-rolls, plus their differences/similarities. Moreover, it’ll introduce a list of quality CBD joints available for online purchase.

What’s Infused Pre-Rolled Joint?

Imagine an elegantly rolled joint with premium hemp flowers for perfect density and balanced smoke. Yes, you’re right; we’re talking about pre-rolls. But in the case of infused pre-rolls, we’re on the next level, i.e., with the addition of a concentrate.

The concentrate can be oil, kief, or a mixture of different strains to get a specific ratio of desirable cannabis compounds such as cannabinoids or terpenes.

Just as a professional bartender mixes cocktails that you have no idea how to recreate on your own, the marijuana professional creates a pre-roll that provides an unparalleled smoking experience.

“Pre-roll” is a general term referring to all smokable hemp products rolled and ready to smoke. You don’t need to roll a ready-to-go joint (a pre-roll) yourself. At first, the term was used only to describe pre-rolled joints, but it also includes pre-rolled blunts or cigarettes today.

For example, there are Delta-8 pre-rolls available on the market. They’re produced by rolling Delta-8 infused flowers into one of these products.

CBD Pre-Rolls

They’re also pre-rolled joints made from flowers rich in CBD but with low THC content. Consumers sometimes use hemp (high in CBD) instead of marijuana (high THC) to experience the same smoking ritual without getting high. CBD pre-rolls are ideal if you’re not experienced in rolling joints because everything is done for you.

The industrial hemp used in many CBD pre-rolls can be legally grown in the U.S. if it contains 0.3 percent THC or less. Depending on the preparation process, CBD pre-rolls may also contain cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN.

The traditional joint is made of hemp wrapped in lightweight rolling paper. It’s the most popular pre-roll choice. Joints are cones tapering at the filter’s tip and are wider at the base than the tip.

CBD pre-rolled cigars and blunts are also available on the market. These products are wrapped in hemp leaves and contain more CBD flowers than a joint.

The quality of cannabis flowers – both marijuana and CBD hemp – is critical to a supplier’s reputation. When the CBD hemp flower is dry in pre-rolls, it tastes harsh. The flower may be contaminated or unusable if the cannabis buds are produced and grown in less optimal conditions.

Natural, organic methods of growing cannabis produce better yields. When buying pre-rolls, check that the product you choose has been produced accordingly. High-quality smoke is produced when a cannabis flower or bud is cut by hand and carefully dried.

Hemp (CBD) & Marijuana Pre-Rolls

Not all CBD and cannabis pre-rolls are produced equally. Some pre-rolls have strains that can give you a good night’s rest, while others can improve your mood and concentration. Some people prefer CBD pre-rolls due to the potential health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD).

Indica hemp strains are recommended for sleep and overall relaxation. On the other hand, Sativa strains are usually better suited for late morning or afternoon use. Sativa strains help your mind focus and concentrate better; they’re also good for boosting energy.

However, marijuana pre-rolls contain a higher percentage of THC. As a result, they’ll get you high but sometimes with unique benefits. They result in body relaxation and help energize creativity, focus, and socializing. Quantitatively, here we’re talking about those pre-rolls which contain ~ 8-12% THC. But if you’re a novice, you should stick to 3-6% THC.

Important Differences

The flower type is the most significant difference between CBD and marijuana joints (ready-to-go). CBD joints are made from hemp (with a THC content of 0.3% or less), while marijuana joints are made from flowers with an average of 10-20% THC. You will get high or “stoned” from marijuana joints, but not CBD joints.


Pre-rolls rich in CBD are much easier to find and buy because they are derived from hemp containing trace amounts of THC. They are available online or at your favorite head shops. On the other hand, marijuana pre-rolls are harder to come by due to their higher THC content. You typically find them in licensed dispensaries where marijuana is legal.

Hemp Strain

At least tens of thousands of CBD-rich hemp strains are available on the market. The psychological properties of different hemp strains vary. Therefore, your pre-roll experience depends on the hemp strain you select. Checking the terpene profile of the various hemp strains helps you see the differences between them.

The fragrant compounds made by hemp and marijuana plants are known as terpenes. These cannabis compounds can increase the effects of the other components (the entourage effect).

Advantages Of Pre-Rolls

Ready-to-go joints have always been a popular choice for cannabis enthusiasts. They also include those who appreciate the convenience of smoking their favorite buds rolled and ready to be used. In addition, joints are easy to enjoy with just a lighter. Cannabis joints are discreet, easy to share, and disposable. They’re ready to consume once you buy them. These days, they come in smaller sizes, making them even more perfect.

Pre-Rolls; Flavor & Smoothness

Of course, it can be fun to experiment with different bongs and vaping methods. But sometimes, all you need is the ease of having a perfectly rolled joint that’ll give you the perfect high. Thanks to modern infusions, you can amplify your experience with an enhanced variant of your favorite pre-roll.

Combining a hemp flower and a resin, you can diversify your cannabis experience. You can also maximize the potency and quality of your high with an ideal flavor.

Potential Health Benefits

CBD pre-rolls have the following benefits:

  • Physical, physiological & psychological relief without intoxication (high)
  • A short, subtle & euphoric buzz
  • Calmness before bedtime
  • Relief from aching joints & tired muscles after physical exercise
  • Hemp cigarettes may be a suitable substitute for tobacco

Many use hemp cigarettes to reduce tobacco use or quit smoking. However, hemp cigarettes are similar to tobacco cigarettes because they have a filter at the end of the stub. Smoking these cigarettes feels like puffing on a cigarette. The shape is identical, as well as the filter size.

Marijuana pre-rolls can provide the following benefits:

  • Relief from short-term pain
  • Relief from long-term chronic pain
  • Better sleep (a high-THC, low-CBD pre-roll)
  • Anxiety reduction (a high-CBD, low-THC pre-roll)

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties and THC’s intoxicating effects are a perfect duo.

Improving Mood

Life in the twenty-first century is entirely stressful. Most of the time, we have concerns about our job and family, among other things. That’s perhaps why many feel anxious and depressed at the end of a tough day.

That’s when lighting up an infused pre-roll might help a bit. CBD is known for urging the body to produce more feel-good hormones.

Where Can I Buy Best Infused Pre-Rolls

When shopping for the best pre-rolls, you should do your research. You need to ask questions and buy pre-rolls from a legal provider. Learning how to navigate through the colossal cannabis industry takes time and effort. In the last couple of years, the number of quality CBD pre-roll consumers has skyrocketed.

If you intend to dip your toes in the water or you intend to enjoy on the go, pre-rolls might be good starting points. The best THC cannabis pre-roll brands provide premium hemp buds in a well-rolled joint.

Today, there are dozens of websites claiming to offer quality CBD pre-rolls. In particular, if this is your first time buying pre-rolls, you may find it challenging to choose the proper one.

Since more pre-roll brands are entering the market, it’s becoming more challenging for consumers to know who they can trust. Thanks to strict regulations, most pre-roll brands come with certificates indicating that high-quality hemp products have been carefully examined.

How To Evaluate Quality Of Pre-Roll

The main difference is the flower strain used in marijuana joints and CBD pre-rolls. Cannabis pre-rolls are obtained from marijuana (with an average THC content of about 10-20%), while CBD joints are made from hemp (with a THC content of less than 0.3%).

Two key questions help you do that. And make sure to ask these questions from the pre-roll supplier before purchasing. What’s the strain of the flower being used? What’s the profile of cannabinoids (CBD, THC, or others) and terpenes in this product?

Absorption Rate 

Consuming a pre-rolled joint is an excellent choice if you want your body to absorb cannabis compounds quickly and easily. Smoking cannabis products is the most effective method for absorbing CBD into your body.

Sometimes CBD is taken orally, but it’s not as effective as smoking. Cannabidiol must travel through the liver to be broken down when taken orally. When smoked, on the other hand, CBD can pass through the lungs (especially the alveoli), resulting in faster absorption. Hence, when you buy pre-rolls, you can study the absorption rate of joints (reputable brands).

Paper Quality

When you smoke pre-rolled joints, you need to keep in mind you’re inhaling more than the smoke from the hemp flower. Most importantly, wrapping paper around the ground flowers impacts your smoking experience. Currently, the three most common forms of paper used in pre-rolls are:

  • Hemp: Hemp paper is a new material that’s a reasonable compromise between rice paper and wood pulp. They’re indeed environmentally friendly.
  • Rice: Rice paper is relatively thin and helps consumers appreciate the hemp strain’s intricacy. But, since the paper is so light and narrow, it’s challenging to handle in windy conditions.
  • Wood: The most durable option is wood pulp. However, it leaves a bitter, burnt aftertaste.

Ideally, the rolling papers should be vegan, organic, and 100% natural, resulting in a flawless smoking experience.


Responsible brands always have their agricultural products tested by laboratories. Plus, the transparent ones publish the findings on their websites. It’s your right to find them and make sure they follow the rules of a decent cannabis joint.

You may perhaps want to buy CBD pre-rolls repeatedly. And that’s why the pricing is so important. Hence, it’s beneficial if you opt for pre-rolls within your budget. You should be able to buy them without sacrificing other essentials.

As CBD pre-rolls are made from hemp (federally legal) and have trace levels of THC, they’re much easier to find. Purchases can be made online or at local stores.

User Reviews

It’s wise to choose CBD pre-rolls with higher ratings since it implies those who smoked them enjoyed it. Good consumer responses also mean the brand cares about its customer experience. These evaluations are constructive if you’re buying the product for the first time.

Choosing Quality Cannabis Flower From a Reputable Cultivator

Quality cannabis flowers (CBD hemp or marijuana flower) are vital. If the marijuana flowers used in the pre-rolls are dry, the pre-roll isn’t going to taste very nice. And if the cannabis flower is cultivated in less-than-adequate conditions, it can be contaminated and unsuitable for consumption.

One way to know if a pre-roll is high-quality or not is to look at the color of the ash trails when lit. Black ash generally reflects inferior quality, and white ash mirrors superior quality. But why? Because white ash indicates the hemp (or marijuana) has been appropriately treated and processed during (and after) the harvest.

When it comes to marijuana products, preferences vary depending on the individual. Pre-rolls have quickly become one of the most popular forms for taking CBD, THC, and other cannabis compounds.

Smoking these compounds produces much faster results than other consumption methods. Actually, with the convenience of joints, you can enjoy the effects in just a few seconds.

As for quality, there are certainly some good joints and others that have nothing to report. Therefore, as with any other marijuana product, you need to buy hemp or marijuana joints from trusted brands.

Kief Infused Pre-Rolls

These joints incorporate a considerable quantity of concentrates, but only after the joint has been rolled. Consumers love these joints because they can see the concentrate added to the joint.

Do CBD Pre-Rolls Induce A “High”?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid extracted from marijuana and hemp plants. It is one of the hundreds of cannabis constituents found in these plants. CBD has recently gained a great deal of attention, as federal and state regulations have resulted in a rapid increase in the production of CBD-containing products.

When combined with other cannabinoids, THC can induce similar conditions such as euphoria, pleasure, or heightened sensory experience, commonly known as a “high.” However, CBD products won’t produce the same high as THC.

CBD offers several health benefits, e.g., it can help patients with anxiety and despair. Smoking hemp joints allow the cannabis chemical to reach the bloodstream more quickly than other administration methods.

When taken orally via capsules and edibles, CBD goes through the digestive system, partially losing its potency. But when CBD is smoked, it can skip the digestive tract and enter the circulation system through the lungs.

In principle, there are no chemicals in CBD joints. They’re essentially dried hemp flowers wrapped in paper. Therefore, they’re perhaps the most natural form of CBD available.


One way to pump up your blunts or joints is to roll them by hand in a Lieberman-style cigar or cigarette roller. This roller allows you to adjust how thick and long you want your roll to be.

First, add your ground marijuana before you start rolling. But before you roll, add your concentrate. You can sprinkle in your preferred concentrate: e.g. hash, shatter or other cannabis extracts.

Or, you can use a syringe to squirt a wiggly line of hash oil onto your ground nugs. You then begin to roll the marijuana mix into a uniform cigarette shape.

Pro tip: You can also add a wooden or glass tip to the roller. In this way, your product will be rolled with a standard high-end mouthpiece. These tools can improve the quality of the burn and significantly reduce the sharpness and heat of your smoke.

Lightly spread a sticky hash oil over the entire length of the joint to infuse these pre-rolls. Next, dust the joint with powdered kief sifted from the flowers. The tiny kief particles stick to the outside where you applied the hash oil. The result is an even, powdery look on a pre-roll that packs a punch.

Leave Production Of Cannabis Products To Professionals

The best and most efficient method to infuse your pre-rolls is to use a machine designed for this purpose. These machines are labor-saving but may also be a little pricey. Therefore, if you have the cash and not the staff, you can acquire an automated system to make joints yourself.

But, it’s highly advisable to leave it to professionals.

Can CBD Induce A Positive Drug Test?

On drug tests, CBD is not usually monitored. On the other hand, THC contained in some CBD pre-rolls may appear in a drug test. With repeated and consistent use, even small traces of THC in many CBD pre-rolls can accumulate over time. Thus, THC may show up on a drug test.

You should also note that THC isn’t metabolized immediately after use. Instead, it’s kept in fat tissues. That means if you smoke joints (or pre-rolls) regularly, small concentrations of THC in your system would undoubtedly accumulate.

And you may wish to avoid this by choosing THC-free products. Moreover, to make sure THC wouldn’t show up on a drug test, you should stop taking CBD products at least three weeks before the test.

Is CBD Pre-Rolls Legal?

In the U.S., all hemp-based goods are legal, including CBD-infused joints. Hemp plants accommodating less than 0.3 percent THC (Delta-9 THC) can be lawfully cultivated, sold, bought, and possessed under the 2018 Farm Bill.

This legislation can be generalized to CBD joints other than hemp flowers or buds. Marijuana regulations are, nonetheless, relatively strict in some states. Check your state’s rules and policies before buying or placing an order for CBD pre-rolls.

Lab Reports

Before you buy any hemp (CBD) or marijuana pre-rolls, it’s highly recommended to check third-party lab test results. These are also known as Certificates of Analysis (COA) and are perhaps the essential items to look up.

Accredited and independent testing facilities provide COA, specializing in marijuana analysis and testing. These labs work as a magnifying lens for the CBD goods you purchase.

The following characteristics are examined in a COA:

  • Cannabinoid profile– to identify the type and the number of cannabis compounds (e.g., cannabinoids) contained in the flower and their concentration (%)
  • Terpene profile– to see the amount and quantity of terpenes present in the flower
  • Heavy metals– to detect whether there’s any arsenic (As), lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), or cadmium (Cd) content
  • Mycotoxin testing– to identify the presence of environmental or biological toxins, including fungus, mold, parasites, and other pathogens.
  • Testing for pesticides and herbicides

The results will be made public on the websites of all reputable marijuana and hemp businesses.

Top 10 Pre-Rolls You May Try In 2022

The pre-roll industry has recently experienced an explosion. Numerous brands are selling this marijuana product compared to a couple of years ago. But concerning the quality of pre-roll products, of course, not all brands are equal.

Below, we’ll look at 10 of these quality pre-rolls worth investing in.

#1 Blu Avian [0.7g]

Pre-rolls are rolled up and ready to smoke. They provide a convenient and effective way to consume marijuana. Pre-rolls are available in many forms and can be rolled with flower, shake, or “b-buds.” They can be infused with cannabis concentrates and more.

#2 Cocoa Dulce [0.7g]

Genetics: Northern Lights X Illuminati OG Kush (original 3C) CBT

Origins: Created by 3C Farms

Aroma: Herbal, chocolate, gas

Effects: Heavy, relaxing, focused, sedative, euphoric

This product is one of the newer strains created by 3C Farms. Cocoa Dulce is a cross between Northern Lights and the Illuminati OG Kush. Furthermore, Northern Lights are known for their earthy aroma and euphoric high as a classic strain.

However, Illuminati OG is more piney and produces a more sedative high. The consequent cross-strain allows for the best qualities of its parents, inducing a relaxing euphoria that lasts for hours.

#3 Illuminati OG [0.7g]

Genetics: OG Kush

Origins: Bryan’s personal original 1996 OG cut

Aroma: Piney, gas, skunky

Effects: Well-rounded, euphoric, cerebral, sedative

3C Farms Founder’s phenotype of the OG Kush, this Illuminati OG is a rare and coveted strain. Enjoyed by anyone from the true OG’s to the canna-curious, Illuminati OG is the most popular OG strain due to its well-rounded effects.

Other Quality Pre-Rolls

There are, of course, other products you might like, including

   #4 Sap Lime [0.7g]

   #5 Tahoe OG [0.7g]

   #6 Atomic Apple [1g]

   #7 Fatso x Space Cheese [0.5g]

   #8 Kush Mints x Gelato Frosting [0.5g]

   #9 Papaya Punch x Hindu Kush [0.5g]

   #10 Platinum Purple X Zookies [5pk]

Bottom Line

Pre-rolls were indeed an afterthought with some breeders. Pre-rolls were traditionally loaded with an inferior shake and trim. But those days are over. Brands have realized the importance of putting their best buds into their pre-rolls.

Here at From-the-Earth, you can always ask a budtender for a recommendation of a good pre-roll, infused or otherwise. In general, pre-rolls provide a reliable, consistent, and delightful way to consume marijuana. The associated market is growing, and you may expect more creativity and quality shortly.