Missouri Cannabis Brands: Best Weed Products of 2024

Missouri Cannabis Brands: Best Weed Products of 2024

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Now that adults 21+ are free to use cannabis in Missouri, you may wonder, “What is the best weed in Missouri?” or “What are the best edibles in Missouri?”” From flower, to concentrates, to edibles, vapes, and more—there are some fantastic and innovative cannabis products on the market.

What are the best cannabis products and best weed brands in Missouri for 2024? Check out some of our faves!

Missouri’s Best Pre-Rolls

If you’re new to cannabis (as a lot of law-abiding Missouri residents are), pre-rolled joints may be the best weed in Missouri for you. Smoking cannabis flower is an ages-old tradition because it is quick, easy, and effective. But perfecting your joint-rolling technique is hard! If you would like to smoke a joint but skip the frustration of rolling it perfectly, check out these pre-rolls from Illicit.


Smokos pre-rolls are convenient, tasty, and come in a retro, reusable tin.

Smokos Pre-rolls

Smokos .5 gram pre-rolls are the perfect size for a quick smoke sesh, and could their packaging BE any cuter?! This adorable and clever slide-top tin design won “Best Packaging 2023” in the Greenway Readers’ Choice Awards. And just like a real mixtape, you get a variety of Illicit’s best hits. The Smokos 5-ct package is available in sativa, indica, and hybrid strains from Illicit Gardens– they grow the best weed in Missouri!

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Best Strains for Rosin

A newer way to partake in cannabis is called dabbing, and it’s done with cannabis concentrates with names like crumble, wax, budder, shatter, bubble hash, jam, and more. These are all just weed concentrates of various consistencies. Dabbing is a very fast and potent way to feel the concentrated effects of full-spectrum cannabis, so many people consider concentrates (also called extracts) to be the best weed in Missouri.

When you’re shopping for concentrates, you should look for “live rosin” products. Rosin is highly concentrated full-spectrum cannabis which can be “dabbed” by heating it to an extremely high temperature. You’ll need a dab rig for this. Check out how to use a dab rig here! Another option is to buy live rosin in a vape cartridge.

Unlike some concentrates, live rosin is extracted from the cannabis plant using a solventless, cold water extraction process. So not only do you avoid ingesting toxic solvents, but live rosin maintains the full spectrum of terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids present in the best weed in Missouri, making it both delicious and highly effective.

When it comes to concentrates, who makes the best weed in Missouri? Once again: Illicit Gardens! Illicit live rosin was named “Product of the Year” by the Greenway Readers’ Choice Awards for its clean processing and dabbing, and variety of forms, including Cold Cured, Bubble Hash, Jam, and Vape Carts.

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live rosin vape carts
Illicit Live Rosin is the cleanest, most potent cannabis concentrate you can find.

Best Vape Carts in Missouri

Speaking of vapes, what are the best carts in Missouri for 2024?

The Greenway Reader’s Choice Award for ”Best Vape—Live” also went to an Illicit product: the Live Resin Purple Chem vape cartridge. Purple Chem is a tasty cross between Stardawg and Purple Punch, which provides a happy, energy-boosting high. This vape cartridge is a live resin vape, which is superior to the more common distillate vapes on the market.

However, live resin is not quite the same as live rosin. Confusing, we know! So what is live resin? Both live resin and live rosin are made from flash-frozen cannabis plants, preserving the terpenes and cannabinoids in the trichomes. This is what makes them “live.” But live resin extraction does use chemical solvents, while live rosin extraction does not.

Then there are your basic distillate vapes, which contain a terpene-free, usually THC-only extraction that is obtained through high heat and chemical solvents. These are the most common vapes on the market.

What are the best THC carts in Missouri?? While distillate vapes can also be safe and effective, a live resin cart is a better choice because it will provide you the full-spectrum benefits of the entourage effect.

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live resin purple chem vape cartridge
Live resin vapes contain a flash-frozen, full-spectrum cannabis extract.

Best Strains in Missouri

As one of the best Missouri flower brands, Illicit Gardens is responsible for some of the best weed in Missouri! What are Illicit’s best cannabis strains? ? We chose an indica, sativa, and hybrid favorite.

Best Indica Strain

The Purple Chem strain (also known as Purple Chemdawg strain) is our pick for Best Indica Strain in Missouri. You can buy it in a live resin vape cart as seen above, but it’s even more “live” if you get the pretty purple flower itself.

Purple strains of weed are often known for their fruity flavors, due to their high anthocyanin levels. Purple Chem is fruity for sure– Stardawg and Purple Punch come together to make this indica-dominant hybrid strain, rife with juicy grape and sharp diesel flavors.

Purple Chem’s effects tend to be happy and talkative, while providing relief from pain and anxiety.

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Best Sativa Strain

And the best sativa strain in MO? Drum roll… Dawg Lemons! The Dawg Lemons weed strain (also from Illicit Gardens) is as uplifting as a freshly sliced lemon.

The Dawg Lemons strain is a cross between Lemon Tree and Stardawg, and you can savor those spicy, citrus undertones when you take a whiff or a toke.

Dawg Lemons is known for its invigorating effects.You can expect a powerful boost of creativity and productivity from this uplifting strain. For this reason, users say that the Dawg Lemons strain is best enjoyed in the daytime.

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Best Hybrid Strain

Our top choice for the Best Hybrid Strain is the Ghost OG strain, also from Illicit Gardens. Ghost OG brings together the flavors of OG Kush and Afghani to create an indica-dominant hybrid strain bursting with juicy citrus and pungent earthy notes.

Expect the effects of Ghost OG to first induce feelings of euphoria, followed by deep relaxation while offering relief from both physical pain and anxiety.

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illicit cannabis in missouri
Illicit Gardens has been a leader in Missouri cannabis since 2020.

Best Edibles in Missouri

What company makes the best edibles? You guessed it, Illicit is once again at the top of our list. Illicit’s best edibles in Missouri lineup includes a wide variety of weed gummy options, with formulations designed for any time of day! Find your favorite:

Best Edibles in Missouri for Daytime

For uplifting and energizing effects perfect for your busy day, try Illicit’s sativa THC gummies in tangy flavors like Orange-U-Glad-its-Cherry and Super Sour Tangie.

Best Edibles in Missouri for Nighttime

If you’re looking for edibles that will help you unwind, soothe you, and encourage a good night’s rest, try an indica-based weed gummy from Illicit. Choose from Have a Grape Night, Berry Blackout, and Slaughtermelon.

Best Edibles in Missouri for Anytime

Illicit also makes pure and potent hybrid THC gummies that are designed to give you balanced effects appropriate for any time of day. Do you prefer Fruit Punch’d or Mango THC gummies?

If you’re looking for a different type of Missouri edibles besides gummies, try Illicit’s infused caramels! Available in creamy Sea Salt or Vanilla Espresso flavors, each chewy caramel contains 10 mg THC.

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THC infused caramels from Illicit
The best edibles in Missouri are THC caramels and gummies from Illicit Gardens.


Best Missouri Weed Brands

Which weed brand is the best? There are so many reputable cannabis brands in Missouri, but as you can probably guess, Illicit Gardens is our favorite! In fact, Illicit won Brand of the Year, Best Brand Design, and Best Packaging Design in the 2024 Greenway Reader’s Choice Awards. Illicit’s long-term experience in the Missouri market has given them the technique, safe processes, flavor, and effects that Missouri weed lovers are looking for. Illicit Gardens grows the best weed in Missouri, and their cannabis strains and other products reflect that quality.

Not only are their products fire, but Illicit works for a higher cause: They donate to charitable groups that are fighting for the release of cannabis prisoners, and helping folks reintegrate into daily life once they are freed. The national organization Last Prisoner Project and Missouri-based Canna Convict Project are two of the change-making groups that have received over $100,000 and counting in donations from Illicit to support their important work.

Enjoy the best weed in Missouri while changing lives with Illicit Gardens.

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FAQs About The Best Weed in Missouri

What are the best weed products in Missouri for 2024?

If you’re searching for the top cannabis products in Missouri, you’re in the right place! From pre-rolls to concentrates, vapes, and edibles, there’s a wide array of innovative options available.

Where can I find the best pre-rolls in Missouri?

For convenient, tasty pre-rolls that come in a retro, reusable tin, look no further than Smokos by Illicit. These .5 gram pre-rolls are perfect for a quick smoke session and are available in sativa, indica, and hybrid strains.

What should I know about concentrates in Missouri?

When it comes to concentrates, live rosin is highly recommended for its clean processing and full-spectrum effects. Illicit Gardens offers a variety of forms including Cold Cured, Bubble Hash, Jam, and Vape Carts, all recognized for their quality.

What are the best vape cartridges in Missouri?

For a superior vaping experience, consider Illicit’s Live Resin Purple Chem vape cartridge, awarded “Best Vape—Live” by the Greenway Reader’s Choice Awards. Live resin cartridges provide the full-spectrum benefits of the entourage effect.

What are the best cannabis strains in Missouri?

Illicit Gardens is renowned for producing some of the best cannabis strains in Missouri. From the fruity Purple Chem indica to the invigorating Dawg Lemons sativa and the flavorful Ghost OG hybrid, there’s something for every preference.

Who makes the best edibles in Missouri?

Illicit stands out as the top choice for edibles in Missouri, offering a diverse range of THC gummies and infused caramels designed for various times of day and preferences.

Why is Illicit Gardens considered one of the best weed brands in Missouri?

Illicit Gardens has garnered multiple awards for its quality products, brand design, and packaging. Beyond excellence in cannabis, Illicit also supports charitable organizations advocating for cannabis prisoners’ release and reintegration into society.

Where can I shop for the best weed and edibles in Missouri?

You can find the best weed and edibles from Illicit Gardens at From The Earth dispensary. Enjoy premium-quality cannabis products while contributing to positive social change.



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