Our Top Weed Pen Brands: Cannabis Vape Gift Guide

Our Top Weed Pen Brands: Cannabis Vape Gift Guide

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If you’re shopping for someone in Missouri who loves cannabis, you’re in the right place! A weed vape is a perfect gift– providing access to a quick, discreet high any time or place. But what are the best vape pens? This From The Earth weed pen brands gift guide gives you all the details about the best weed pen brands, including the best disposable weed pens, best vape pen for THC carts, and more!


illicit battery
We recommend this basic battery from Illicit, one of the most trusted weed pen brands.


What’s the Best Vape Pen for THC Carts?

Whether your gift recipient is new to vaping cannabis or a longtime vaper, they’ll love receiving a new vape pen as a surprise. But what are the best vape pens in Missouri for gifting?

The best vape pens are reusable. Rechargeable weed vape pens have higher-quality batteries than disposable ones, so they more effectively heat the oil inside. Also, using a reusable vape battery is a great way to respect the Earth by vastly reducing waste.

Updating your vape pen (aka battery) can give you a more reliable, stronger high– and when you own the best vape pen for THC carts, you can change out your cartridge as often as you like to customize by flavor, strain, and effects (510-threaded vape cartridges are the most common type of weed cart available at Missouri dispensaries).



What Are the Best Weed Vape Brands?

From The Earth carries several weed pen brands, but we recommend these two popular rechargeable weed vape pens as our best vape pens for THC carts:

  1. The Illicit 510 Thread Vape Battery is the most reliable and affordable best vape pen for THC carts at our Missouri dispensary! From The Earth customers love this simple, petite vape for its streamlined and ergonomic design, which facilitates portability and discreet use. Charging cord included!
  2. The Yocan B-Smart Battery is another one of our best vape pens for THC carts, at a bargain price. Our Missouri dispensary shoppers prefer Yocan for its compact size, 5 color choices, and customizable settings including variable temperature and a pre-heat option.

These are two reliable and budget-friendly weed pen brands, but if you’re looking to splurge a little on the best vape pen for THC carts, From The Earth has lots more vape batteries to choose from.


yocan weed pens
One of the best weed pen brands, Yocan’s B-Smart battery has a precise dial for temperature adjustment.


The Best Disposable Weed Pens

Lots of cannabis beginners prefer to start out with a disposable vape. This way they don’t have to invest in a battery and can try out vaping before committing to buying an accessory. Disposable vapes are some of the best vape pens because they are so simple to use and come in a variety of options, including THC distillate and full-spectrum live resin.

Which Disposable Weed Pen is Best?

The very best THC disposables contain live resin, which means their contents are extracted from whole plant cannabis. Live resin extracts contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, so live resin vapes from trustworthy weed pen brands provide the cleanest, most well-rounded, strain-specific high.

If you want to give the gift of a live resin high in a convenient disposable, opt for the Live Resin Diamond Series from Rove. Available in potent strains like Watermelon Zkittlez and Skywalker OG, these full-spectrum vapes provide rich flavors and aromas along with customizable, strain-specific effects. And as ‘reusable disposables,’ these all-in-one vapes actually do allow you to change out for another Rove cartridge once you complete the one they come with, making them some of the best vape pens available today!

Looking for a different variety or flavor? From The Earth has a huge selection of disposable vapes from a wide array of weed pen brands– all at great prices. You can afford to buy yourself a gift, too!



rove disposable vape pen
The highest-quality disposable vapes contain strain-specific live resin.


Cannabis Vape Brands

When it comes to brands, who makes the best vape pens for THC carts? Illicit Gardens is a trusted Missouri cannabis brand with a seed to sale, social justice philosophy. Illicit cultivates premium, hand-trimmed cannabis strains and extracts them using pure and proven processes.

Every sale of Illicit flower, vapes, and concentrates helps support cannabis prisoner advocacy groups. Because Illicit Gardens gives back to the cannabis community, we recommend them as the best vape pens to buy for the ones you love!

Illicit makes a wide variety of quality vape cartridges, including distillate, live resin, and live rosin options. Once you have the best vape pen for THC carts, you can use it to vaporize your choice of Illicit cartridges. Below are two hybrid distillate options that our customers love:

Cake Baby Classy Cartridge: Illicit’s Cake Baby Classy Cart is one of our most popular weed cartridges, thanks to its celebratory flavor and clean distillate high. This stress-busting cartridge would be a good birthday cake replacement for your gift recipient!

Fruit Cup Classy Cartridge: Want to give the gift of sweet euphoria and relaxation? Try the Fruit Cup Classy Cart from Illicit. This distillate hybrid cart provides a fruit juice-flavored high that soothes and sedates.

Illicit also has a vast selection of hybrid cartridges, top-tier weed strains, potent concentrates, and handy accessories. Shop Illicit Gardens and give back!

live resin illicit cart
Illicit Gardens creates strain-specific vape carts that contain distillate, live resin, or live rosin.


Best Vape Pens in Missouri

A friend who gives weed is a friend indeed! And weed vapes are the easiest, most discreet, and convenient way to consume cannabis at home or on the go. They’re the perfect gift!

If you’re looking for the best vape pens for the cannabis lover on your gift list, head on over to From The Earth– Missouri’s best dispensaries! We have a wide variety of vape batteries, disposable vapes, and vape cartridges for everyone on your list. Our savvy budtenders will be happy to help you choose the best vape pen for your loved one.

Do you already know what they want, or prefer to browse from home? Shop cannabis vape brands online at From The Earth and pick them up at your nearest Missouri dispensary– the best kind of local gift shop. See you soon!



Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes a vape pen suitable for gifting in Missouri?
A vape pen is a perfect gift for cannabis enthusiasts in Missouri, offering a discreet and convenient way to enjoy a quick high anytime, anywhere. Our guide focuses on reusable, rechargeable weed vape pens for their quality, environmental benefits, and the ability to customize experiences with various cartridges.

2. What are the top features to look for in the best vape pen for THC carts?
The best vape pens for THC carts feature high-quality rechargeable batteries, compatibility with 510-threaded cartridges, and options for customizing flavor, strain, and effects. These qualities ensure a reliable and tailored vaping experience.

3. Which brands offer the best rechargeable weed vape pens?
Illicit and Yocan are highlighted as offering the best rechargeable weed vape pens. Illicit’s 510 Thread Vape Battery is praised for its reliability and ergonomic design, while Yocan’s B-Smart Battery offers compact size, color choices, and customizable settings.

4. Why are disposable weed pens recommended for beginners?
Disposable weed pens are recommended for beginners due to their simplicity, convenience, and the opportunity to try vaping without a significant initial investment. They come in various options, including THC distillate and full-spectrum live resin.

5. What sets the best THC disposable pens apart?
The best THC disposables contain live resin extracted from whole plant cannabis, offering a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. This ensures a clean, comprehensive, strain-specific high. The Live Resin Diamond Series from Rove, with options like Watermelon Zkittlez and Skywalker OG, is noted for its potency and strain-specific effects.

6. How does Illicit Gardens stand out among cannabis vape brands?
Illicit Gardens is recognized for its seed-to-sale approach, premium hand-trimmed cannabis strains, and a commitment to social justice. Purchasing Illicit products supports cannabis prisoner advocacy groups, making it a meaningful choice for gifts.

7. What are some popular Illicit Gardens vape cartridges?
Popular options include the Cake Baby Classy Cartridge, known for its celebratory flavor and clean distillate high, and the Fruit Cup Classy Cartridge, which offers a sweet euphoria and relaxation with a fruit juice-flavored high.

8. Where can one find the best vape pens and cartridges in Missouri?
From The Earth dispensaries in Missouri are recommended for a wide selection of vape batteries, disposable vapes, and cartridges. They offer personalized assistance to help find the perfect gift, with the option to shop online for convenient pickup.


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