Best Edibles to Eat Before Watching a Comedy

Best Edibles to Eat Before Watching a Comedy
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Cannabis edibles have grown in popularity in recent years as more people are legally able to enjoy cannabis for recreational use.. They are sold everywhere in local dispensaries in Missouri and online. Consuming edibles while watching comedy shows or movies is a growing hobby for many. Once they are under the spell of THC and CBD, the laughter becomes even more intense.

Since not all cannabis edibles are the same, you must look for products precisely intended to give you the desired experience. You can even prepare your recipes at home. 

Buying your supply is the quickest and most convenient option, though. As you now consider shopping around, you might find it smart to have a look at the following must-try edibles before you watch a comedy.


They are essentially foods and drinks infused with psychoactive and therapeutic compounds called CBD and THC extracted from the cannabis plant. There are now hundreds of brands and varieties available that are made to suit the needs and preferences of consumers. 

Edibles are best known for their long-lasting effects, although the onset time is delayed, taking an hour or so. Yet more consumers opt for this cannabis variety because they’re fun and delicious to consume. The most popular edibles today come in cookies, gummies, fruit juices, coffee, and much more. 

They are consumed for recreational and medical purposes due to the role of cannabinoids in preventing and treating certain health conditions. And interestingly, depression is one of them. As such, cannabis edibles have also become increasingly popular among those seeking some moments of laughter. 

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Many people use cannabis edibles due to their therapeutic and psychoactive effects. They contain CBD and THC, which are responsible for the range of health benefits that you may experience. 

But since there are multiple factors at play, including your age, weight, tolerance level, and metabolism, the impact of those compounds is unique for each one. Proper dosing is also an essential consideration since overindulgence might trigger intense reactions for some users. 

Once you consume edibles, you can expect euphoric feelings that might make you giggle about weird moments under the sun. Given the correlation between cannabinoids and feelings of joy, this pastime of watching comedies with cannabis edibles has become popular. The higher the THC content, the more likely you will encounter this elated positive mood.


Scientific studies are confirming the role cannabis plays in giving people a dose of joy and laughter. The substance can stimulate blood flow to the right frontal and left temporal lobes, which are the cognitive areas associated with feelings of happiness. 

As researchers claim, the over-activity in these cortical regions invites laughter. THC is the primary compound that triggers such neural connections. It binds to brain receptors that modulate neural signaling, resulting in the blissful and happy effects that you might experience while high. 

Some people might assume that this phenomenon explains why we laugh so hard at stupid things while under the influence of the psychoactive compound. But available scientific evidence hasn’t revealed how much-heightened blood flow is directly responsible for stimulating laughter. 
The current data reveal that cannabis compounds may promote neurogenesis in certain brain areas, which may prove quite beneficial for managing depression and anxiety.

Notably, scientists have reported that cannabis can replenish the decreased activity in the brain to produce good laughter, especially among people going through depression. 

Despite this promising claim, there’s still a shortage of clinical trials analyzing such effects in human brains. So many individuals are speculating on the chemical link between THC and laughter.


A moment of laughter can take all your stress away. That’s one of the healthiest habits you can develop to enjoy life’s little things. But sometimes laughter is the most expensive thing for some people who can’t afford to smile as they go through life’s episodes. 

Gladly, with the production of cannabis edibles, primarily intended to make you giggle even on your hardest days, happiness becomes more accessible for everyone. 

With these top 3 edibles for laughter on our list, you can enjoy comedy shows even more:


This product is widely popular today as many people have experienced intense laughing moments as they consume it while socializing with friends and watching comedy shows. 

It’s created by experienced professionals who aim to provide people with the hottest products in the weed market. 

You can enjoy an awesome experience with this cannabis edible made with D9 distillate, natural flavors, and other quality ingredients. But to avoid any adverse reactions, we suggest you start with a lower dosage. The effects may start within 2 hours from ingestion, so you have to be patient before taking another bite. 


Also infused with THC, this cannabis edible is a must-try, too. The brand itself promotes the idea of a free and fun-loving spirit of cannabis for everyone. It has become famous for giving consumers an awesome feeling of joy and euphoria as they spend quality time with family and friends during social gatherings. 

And yes, even on ordinary days like watching your favorite comedy shows or stoner movies, the product can give you the best experience. 

But who knows until you try it yourself? 

What’s for sure is that this product is one of those edibles that can kick your ass off with intense laughter. 


If you are into wonderful occasions of happiness and joy, this cannabis edible is definitely for you. This product is popular for its laughing effects, like cracking up about an inside joke with your friends. 

The brand offers a distinct combination of cannabinoids, botanicals, and terpenes to deliver consistent effects for your pleasure. It also comes with 5 mg of THC enhanced with turmeric and paired with a zesty tangerine flavor. 

You can also enjoy the perks of easy and controlled dosing with this cannabis edible. But as you laugh out loud, don’t forget that overindulgence is a serious thing.

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As you explore the cannabis market, you’ll find many other edibles that are best for inducing feelings of joy and laughter. These are just a few of those selections that we have highlighted as they become increasingly popular among many consumers today. 

We suggest also considering those edibles that are made with the following weed strains that are scientifically discovered to give you the giggles:

  • Laughing Buddha – The Famously Funny Strain
  • Blue Diesel – The Blueberry Belly-Buster
  • Sweet Diesel – The Focused Giggles Strain
  • Church OG – The Silly Strain
  • Liberty Haze – The Giggly Creative Strain

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Laughter is not the only reason why thousands of people consume cannabis edibles regularly. Science shows the many health benefits derived from using weed products. 

If you’re currently planning to have some, the good news is, you may be able to enjoy the following perks: 

  • Boosted positive mood
  • Uplifted focus and energy 
  • Improved creativity
  • Mental and physical relaxation
  • It helps manage depression and anxiety

All such promising effects can be attributed to CBD and THC that interact with our endocannabinoid system, thus producing therapeutic and psychoactive reactions.


Setting healthy boundaries as you consume cannabis edibles is very important. Overindulgence is quite common among those who can’t get enough of these delicious and hard-hitting products. 

Once you eat too much THC, you might experience highly intense psychoactive effects. It might make you feel uncomfortable, and the whole experience is unpleasant. 

Here are some negative reactions to watch out for: 

  • Paranoia
  • Hallucinations
  • Drowsiness
  • Agitation
  • Impaired motor ability 


If you’re watching a comedy show, the best time to consume cannabis edibles is at least 60-90 minutes before. By the time the movie starts, you are already under the influence of THC, which might make the whole experience more gratifying. 

The euphoric effects of the product can last for 6-8 hours, with the peak time usually happening in 2-3 hours. You have to be patient as you indulge yourself with this weed variety, as the experience might turn bad when you go beyond your tolerance level. 

The effects take a bit longer to kick in as the substance needs to be processed first in your stomach. After eating cannabis, your liver will metabolize the substance and produce the psychedelic effects. 

As to how long edibles stay in your system, it usually depends on the half-time of marijuana. This would lie somewhere between 3 days to 12 days. But interestingly, dosing and the type of strain play a crucial role in calculating the exact half-life of the substance. 

Several variables can affect the length of time edibles stay in your bloodstream. If you consume baked foods, they will enter your blood more efficiently.

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All edibles are not created equal—remember that. So, as you shop around for the best products to make you giggle more, there are a few things to keep in mind. 


While it’s a no-brainer fact, you’d be surprised how many undesirable elements can get into your movie snacks. The artificial sweeteners, mineral oils, and other ingredients might upset your stomach. Examining the product content should never be set aside as you go on shopping. 

Even if you have a list of highly-recommended edibles, it’s still your responsibility to determine the formulation and how all those ingredients can affect your overall experience. Remember that it’s not just about the THC level and the type of strain, as cannabis edibles have other ingredients. 


Therefore, reputable cannabis producers should have independent laboratory testing for their products. Without this requirement, you cannot trust the company. The results of such an analysis should reveal all the contents of edibles, giving you information about the product safety and quality. 

So, if you’re looking for guaranteed products, check the production method of your provider. Some sellers have precise dosing of CBD/THC ratios and offer a range of distinct effects. Once you have all the necessary information, it will be easier to decide. 


It’s not all about the high and laughter, but also the flavor and taste of edibles that you should consider while exploring the best products. This is the reason why checking the terpenes is important. 

These chemical compounds give cannabis a unique smell, taste, and effects. In other words, they play a big part in determining how a particular cannabis strain might make you feel. Studies suggest that terpenes can be reintroduced at a later stage in cooking cannabis edibles. 

This is contrary to what some people assume is impossible since the compounds are stripped away when creating THC distillate. 

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Note: This article is not medical advice. Please consult with your doctor for treatment for any medical conditions.

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