How to Tell If You Are Getting Good Quality Cannabis

How to Tell If You Are Getting Good Quality Cannabis

Everyone wants a maximum value for their purchase, and this consumer behavior can be observed in the weed market, too. If you’re also buying cannabis products from time to time, you probably have the same mindset. But how do you tell if you’re getting good quality cannabis? Of course, there have to be metrics by which you judge the quality of items that you buy. This is often overlooked by neophytes, who assume that all products are the same. The truth is, it takes prudence to distinguish high-end cannabis from the bad ones. 

Anytime soon, you might be going on a shopping spree, so it’s essential to learn how you can achieve your goals. The quality and cost of cannabis products are two important factors that you should consider. Once you get the best items, having a pleasant experience is almost guaranteed. This article will walk you through the fundamentals of scrutinizing cannabis supplies by their quality. This will enable you to set the proper standards when visiting a local cannabis dispensary or shopping in online stores. 

Good Quality versus Bad Quality Cannabis

Quality matters when it comes to cannabis products, especially if you care about the effects and your whole experience. Good weed has a reputation for satisfying the needs of consumers at an optimum level. They’re precisely the best choice if you can afford these items. Unlike bad weed, which might fall below par, high-quality buds would make you crave more and offer a range of health benefits. This is why intelligent consumers tend to compare their choices when they visit marijuana dispensaries. Of course, you are no different than them. 

More likely, you have a checklist whenever you do the shopping for weed products. That’s a good habit considering the resources you spend to experience gratification and relief. However, if you are new to this business, there’s a need to research the qualities of cannabis products and which stores are selling the best choices. It’s okay not to know everything at once, though. You can ask the cannabis dispensary staff to guide you as you select the correct item that precisely suits your needs. 

4 Ways to Tell the Quality of Cannabis 

It’s easy to choose any weed product randomly without caring about its quality. But that’s not how it works if you’re serious about your satisfaction. There are valid indicators that would tell you that you’re getting quality cannabis. So if you want maximum value for every penny you spend, here are the essential things to keep in mind as you explore hundreds of choices out there: 

Check the Appearance of Cannabis 

As you shop around for weed products, it might appear as though they all look the same. But if you check it closer, you’ll notice the difference between good and bad cannabis. The high-end flowers provide a few visual hints that reveal their quality. They are usually characterized by their vibrant array of colors and visual appeal. Mainly, you’ll see them with deep green and flaming red or orange hairs, deep purple to bright blue hues, and fresh and thick buds.

Cannabis flowers also come with trichomes. The amount and viability of these plant materials are other visual indicators of quality. They are often seen as tiny and glimmering crystal-like appendages on the plant’s surface that produce and hold the compounds responsible for the flower’s flavor, smell, and effects. If you can see the frosty trichome with your naked eye, it indicates the flower’s ideal potency. You may also use a magnifying glass to get up close as you scrutinize the items. 

Check the Smell of Cannabis 

Yes, it’s like some food – the better its smell, the better the quality. If the cannabis product has a pungent and pleasant aroma, the flower has been cultivated and cured to the highest standards. Some varieties have a strong fragrance which is usually considered a dank odor that indicates the overall quality of cannabis. As you come across many choices, there are also several terms describing the aroma of each one, such as pine, skunk, and diesel. That is so because each cannabis strain is unique. But there’s a common denominator among high-quality cannabis: having a good and distinct aroma. 

Check the Flower Structure 

Shape and composition also indicate the quality of cannabis. For example, if the Sativa-leaning flower is light and fluffy, it has been skillfully cultivated and cured by experts. While in the case of Indicas, quality products mean having a tighter and denser flower structure. Meanwhile, some cultivators use plant growth regulators that produce brick weed or rock-hard flowers, which may taste unpleasant. Another red flag has extremely fluffy flowers that generally indicate that the cannabis plant was not grown under adequate light intensity and was not cultivated to its highest potential. In other words, the flower structure is not always deemed a valid reference for what experience you will have with cannabis. 

Check the Feel of Cannabis 

How it feels when you examine the cannabis flower can also tell you about its quality. The best indicator of a top-shelf item is its sticky and slightly spongy feel when you touch or gently squeeze it between your fingers. As you check the stems, they’re supposed to snap, and the bud is easy to break apart but shouldn’t be completely dry or crumble when you touch it. The plant buds should not be too soft or wet to avoid any mold or mildew. 

Other Qualities of a Good Cannabis 

Tracking down the best cannabis might require going the extra mile in studying the origin and production of the items. So if you’re still unsure about the quality of weed varieties despite having had a closer look at their attributes, here are a few other things to consider for a more intelligent choice: 

Ethical Cannabis Cultivation

Don’t disregard the cultivation practices when you check the quality of the products available at a local dispensary. It’s supposed to be ethical, which means that organic fertilizers have been used and sustainable farming observed. This would require you to scrutinize the cannabis producers, especially their background and reputation in the industry. 

Diverse Cannabinoids Content 

Having diverse cannabinoids and terpene profiles is another desirable CBD product indicator. This content has something to do with weed’s taste, aroma, and potential health benefits. You can check this data on the Certificate of Analysis that’s supposed to be provided by a reputable company. The document contains all the necessary information that you need to know about the product. 

Reputable Cannabis Producer

Looking for the highest-quality cannabis products can be simplified by shopping at a trusted dispensary. This guarantees that the items you buy have been produced with ideal standards since the company has a reputation to maintain. A good company can also offer educational resources and assistance to guide you during the selection process. 

The Shelf System at Cannabis Dispensary 

When you visit a local cannabis dispensary, you will come across several products displayed on different shelves. There’s a purpose for that. You have to understand the concept of the “Shelf” system as this would allow you to shop more conveniently. It has something to do with the different grades of marijuana, which are placed on three distinct shelves when you shop at a standard dispensary. 

Those cannabis products on the top shelf are generally the cream of the crop. They have been cultivated and cured with the highest standards and dried to perfection. You will also discover that such items have a significant amount of THC. On the mid-shelf can be found the average marijuana selections. This classification pertains to their potency, which might be enough for people with high THC tolerance. If you can’t afford the top-shelf cannabis, this one might be good for you. 

If you explore the choices on the bottom shelf, you will find the cheapest products with the least potent bud. These items are sometimes produced by mixing the leftover clippings from various other strains or those broken-off pieces of nugs that have fallen into other jars. This choice is usually recommended to beginners who are still experimenting with their tolerance level. But sure, intermediate and heavy users can also opt for these cannabis supplies if they suit their preferences and budget. 

The story is different when you shop for quality cannabis in online stores. You can access a wide selection of products on several pages of the website in seconds. There are also product descriptions and images available to check the items. But each store is different, so you’ll notice unique features in every online shop you visit. Fortunately, you can contact their customer service for your inquiries and clarifications. 

Practical Tips When You Shop for Cannabis 

Over and over again, some buyers miss the crucial point of shopping for weed products – it’s all about quality! Whether you agree with it or not, it’s the truth that everyone must come to terms with. All users are buying cannabis supplies primarily because they want to satisfy their recreational or medical needs. So the quality should not be compromised. Here are some valuable tips to help you decide better: 

Shop at a Reputable Cannabis Dispensary

Purchasing cannabis products for the first time can be overwhelming, with hundreds of items. But you can simplify the whole process and ensure that you’re getting good-quality weed. That is by shopping at a reputable cannabis dispensary that adheres to the quality and legal standards in the industry. To know whether your store is reputable, you have to see if the state licenses it, has a good rating from consumer reviews, and is recommended by your friends and associates. 

Examine the Products Before Making a Purchase

You’ll be spending your hard-earned cash on sweet-smelling cannabis, so it’s essential to look at the product first and identify good weed from bad. As discussed above, you have to check the appearance, smell, feel, and flower structure of the cannabis strain. Once you inspect all these things, ask yourself: does it qualify for the standards? If so, then it’s probably worth spending your money on. Otherwise, you can explore other options at a different store. After all, there are plenty of reputable sellers out there, so be patient as you go through the process. 

Ask Questions to Know More About the Products

If you’re unsure about the cannabis product, don’t hesitate to clarify things with the budtender. This professional can help you distinguish good quality from bad quality weed. But if they can’t, then look for a more reliable provider. Asking for recommendations is also an excellent initiative to find the best items for you. Some companies offer assistance with product information and other relevant things. All you have to do is take advantage of their customer service. It’s always better to ask questions than assume things when making a decision. 

Set Your Expectations Accordingly 

What purpose do you want to serve once you get the cannabis products? Are you trying to relax and feel motivated? There are weed products primarily intended for specific needs, so you might as well explore these choices based on your expectations. You can narrow your options if you have specific goals in mind. As with other goods, cannabis products are not all the same. Look for items that would exactly provide the kind of experience you wish for. Sometimes it only takes a little research to match your expectations with reality. 

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