Our Favorite Vape Pen Weed Strains

Our Favorite Vape Pen Weed Strains

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Vaping is becoming a popular way to consume cannabis. Vaporizing a cannabis concentrate gives you the fast effects of smoking weed, without the lingering smoke and smell that bongs and pipes can leave behind. And with today’s vape pen weed strains, cannabis connoisseurs can still enjoy their favorite strains, in a convenient, concentrated form.


man smoking a weed pen
Cannabis vapor dissipates quickly, making vaping a more discreet consumption method than smoking.


Types of Weed Pens

What is the best weed pen for vaping? It depends on your preference. There are three main types of pre-filled cannabis vapes or cartridges:

  • Distillate
  • Live Resin
  • Live Rosin

If you are looking for the flavor and effects of a particular cannabis strain, you’ll want to gravitate toward live resin or live rosin vapes and carts. Both of these options contain whole cannabis oil, which includes all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and everything else that gives your favorite strain its particular aroma, flavor, and effects. On the other hand, distillate vapes contain only THC, sometimes with flavors and aromas from terpenes that are reintroduced post-extraction.

While live resin and live rosin vapes both contain strain-specific concentrates, live resin is extracted using a solvent like butane or propane, while live rosin’s solventless extraction process involves only extreme heat (or cold) and pressure.

The best cart strains are live resin or live rosin, due to the fact that these extraction processes preserve the full flavor and effectiveness of individual strains. However, there are also plenty of high-quality distillate vapes that closely mimic strain effects due to their added terpenes. Keep reading to learn more about From The Earth’s recommendations for best vape strains!

Sativa Weed Pens

From The Earth has the best sativa vape strains. Our extensive selection of distillate, live resin, and live rosin vapes and carts gives you a plethora of options for energizing sativa vapes. These are a couple of our favorites!

1. Lucky Charms

The Charm Cereal Classy Cartridge from Illicit is a budget-friendly distillate sativa weed pen. Added terpenes like limonene and myrcene mimic the sweet, fruity flavor and energizing, euphoric effects of the Lucky Charms strain of weed.


Illicit’s Charm Cereal Classy Cart
Illicit’s Charm Cereal Classy Cart is a distillate cartridge with strain-specific characteristics.


2. Ghost Train Haze

Prefer live rosin? The Ghost Train Haze Live Sauce Disposable is a convenient, ready-to-puff option– battery included! Live sauce is a strain-specific, live rosin extract with a thick consistency. Ghost Train Haze is a high-THC, sativa-dominant hybrid cross between Ghost OG and Trainwreck. This strain contains high levels of terpinolene– an energizing, creativity-boosting terpene. Myrcene balances out the giddiness with some calming energy. Ghost Train Haze’s flowery, citrusy flavor is prominent in this disposable vape.

Best Indica Carts

If you’re wanting to kick back and relax, turn to an indica strain. From The Earth’s menu has the best indica vape strains to choose from. Check out these live rosin options!

3. Rainbow Belts

Our top indica vape recommendation is Illicit’s Monopoly Melts Rainbow Belts Live Rosin Disposable. Our customers love the convenience of a disposable vape, and Monopoly Melts is a trusted brand when it comes to pure and potent live rosin. The Rainbow Belts strain is an indica cross strain– Zkittlez and Moonbow come together to create this sedating and fruity cultivar.


monopoly melts rainbow belts


4. Sunday Driver

Another fantastic live rosin indica cart option is the Premier Sunday Driver Solventless Ice Hash Live Rosin Cart. A cross between FPOG and Grape Pie, Sunday Driver (aka Sundae Driver) is an indica strain with a creamy flavor and mellow, calming effects. The solventless extraction process for ice hash live rosin uses extreme cold, rather than extreme heat, to fully extract Sunday Driver’s balanced terpene and cannabinoid profile.

Our Favorite Hybrid Vape

For a versatile, day or night high, hybrid strains provide the best of both worlds. If you can’t choose between indica or sativa, try a hybrid strain! Look for a terpene profile that will amplify your desired effects. To round out our top 5 recommendations, here’s a hybrid strain vape that is sure to please:

5. Cake Baby

Another delicious distillate option from Illicit, the Cake Baby Classy Cart mimics the essence and effects of a popular hybrid strain– Cake Baby. This tasty strain is a cross between Pound Cake and Blue Dream, and added terpenes caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene provide its anxiety-reducing effects and confectionery flavor.


weed vape pen
A live resin or live rosin cartridge gives you all the features of your favorite strain– in a vape.


From The Earth Has the Best Strain-Specific Vapes

When you’re looking for the ease and convenience of a vape with the strain-specific effects and flavor of cannabis flower, turn to a vape pen weed strain! Whether you prefer the whole cannabis experience of a live resin or live rosin vape, or the wallet-friendly price of a distillate, From The Earth’s selection of the best vape strains is incomparable.

We have any type of vape, cartridge, or accessory you might want on our menu, including disposable vapes, 510 threaded cartridges, and rechargeable batteries.

While we’ve detailed our five favorites here in this blog, we have dozens more of the best cart strains on our extensive vapes and carts menu. Come on in to your nearest From The Earth Missouri dispensary to get a personalized recommendation from one of our friendly budtenders, or shop online now for in-store pickup or delivery where available!



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David Craig is the VP of Marketing for Illicit and From The Earth. Craig has been on the ground floor of developing multiple lifestyle and retail brands in the cannabis, fitness, and entertainment industries from Las Vegas to New York City.