Choosing the Best Dab Pen: What to Consider

Choosing the Best Dab Pen: What to Consider

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There are so many different ways to consume cannabis nowadays. While the classic consumption method of smoking cannabis flower is still popular, the ease, speed, and potency of other consumption methods like dabbing are catching on. Dabbing cannabis concentrates can get you really high, really fast– but the process of setting up and using a dab rig is intimidating for some.

Enter the dab pen! There are different types of dab pens available, but they are all designed to make smoking cannabis extracts easier and more portable. Want to learn more about the best dab pens? Keep reading!


cannabis extract
Dab pens make the process of dabbing extracts easier and more portable.


What’s a Dab Pen?

A dab pen is a pocket-sized way to enjoy vaporizing cannabis concentrates, or extracts. Weed concentrates have different names, like sauce, budder, hash, rosin, shatter, wax, sugar, badder, diamonds, live resin, crumble, and others. Their categorization depends upon their extraction method and viscosity (texture and feel). Vaporizing and inhaling these cannabis concentrates is called “dabbing.”

Until recently, dabbing required setting up a complicated dab rig and heating it with a torch. But today, dab pens make the process of vaporizing concentrates much simpler and more possible on-the-go.

Types of Dab Pens

Are there different kinds of dab pens? Yes, there are a few different types of dab pens available. Two of the main types are loadable dab pens, and upside down dab pens, also known as “nectar collectors” or “honey straws.”

The Puffco Plus and the Yocan (R)Evolve Wax Vaporizer are both excellent examples of dab pen brands that can be loaded with the weed extract of your choice. They have a chamber where you can load a small amount of shatter, wax, badder, rosin, or whatever cannabis concentrate you prefer. The rechargeable battery heats the concentrate to its vapor point so that you can inhale its intoxicating clouds. A dab on the go!


boundless terp pen revolve dab pen


On the other hand, honey straws are dab pens that don’t require the extra step of loading with concentrate. You can simply turn on the pen and heat it, and then dip the end into your concentrate and inhale the potent vapor. The Boundless Terp Pen is a great example of this convenient type of dab pen.

Both kinds of dab pens provide a convenient way to enjoy dabs without the risks and headaches associated with dab rigs.


bee on flower
No loading necessary– A “honey straw” dab pen allows you to simply inhale like a bee sipping nectar.


Dab Pen FAQs

Should a beginner use a dab pen?

If you are totally new to cannabis, a dab pen may give you a more extreme first-time experience than what you are looking for. Concentrates are very potent and just one dab can get you high! A microdose of an edible or a quick toke from a bowl may be a better method for first-timers.

However, if you are familiar with how your body reacts to cannabis but have never tried dabbing, a dab pen is a great way to experience dabbing for the first time. Rather than having to set up all the components of a dab rig, nail, and torch, a dab pen has all you need– just add extract! Dab pens are also a much more affordable option than dab rigs.

A honey straw like the Boundless Terp Pen is a great dab pen for beginners since you don’t even need to load it. Simply dip the end into the extract of your choice and inhale.

What should I expect from my first dab?

Dabbing is an extremely fast-acting and effective way to consume cannabis. If it’s your first time dabbing, you should probably save it for a day that you don’t have much planned so that you can fully experience the dab without any stress– you may get higher than you’ve ever been!

However, many experienced weed users do say that dabbing gives them a more clear-headed, focused high than smoking cannabis, which can feel more “foggy.” Give dabbing a try with a convenient, easy dab pen– you may prefer it too!

Which is better: dab pen or wax pen?

If you’re choosing between a dab pen and a wax pen, you’re in luck! They’re actually the same thing, so you don’t have to decide anything. While this is a commonly asked question, dab pen and wax pen are just different terms for the same thing: a pen that allows you to smoke dabs of cannabis wax concentrates like badder, hash, shatter, and so forth.

A vape pen, on the other hand, is different. Vape pens use batteries that connect to 510 threaded cartridges which are pre-filled with cannabis oil for vaping. Dab pens do not use cartridges.

What is different about dab pens?

Dab pens are different from vape pens because they allow you to vaporize cannabis extracts like hash, rosin, badder, budder, sugar, diamonds, and other cannabis concentrates of varying viscosities.

On the other hand, vape pens use cartridges filled with cannabis oil. While some portable vapes are designed to vaporize flower, only dab pens can be used with dabbable extracts.


live rosin vape carts
Illicit Live Rosin is the cleanest, most potent cannabis concentrate you can find. Perfect for dab pens.


What do I put in my dab pen?

You can use any type of weed extract with a dab pen, and From The Earth carries the most pure and potent extracts available in Missouri. Some of our favorite concentrates are made by Missouri’s own Illicit Gardens, including live rosin, live sugar, live badder, and diamonds & sauce– check out one of these recommendations!

Best Dab Pens in Missouri

The best dab pens are safe, easy to operate, and effective. As the first name in dab rigs, Puffco also makes the best pen for dabs, and From The Earth carries both Puffco rigs and dab pens. The Puffco Plus dab pen has a mouthpiece that serves the purpose of a loading tool, splash guard, and carb cap all in one! This power-packed pen has the same coil heating technology as Puffco’s legendary dab rigs, in a convenient, portable pen.

Another great option as the best pen for wax is the Yocan (R)Evolve Wax Vaporizer. The (R)Evolve vaporizes extracts with 10 seconds of steady low heat, allowing for more flavorful dabs. This pen is comparable to the Puffco Plus in that you load the concentrate inside, but it is more affordable.

Finally, if you prefer to avoid the sticky ordeal of loading your dab pen with concentrate, opt for a “honey straw” design like the Boundless Terp Pen. This type of pen allows you to simply inhale your extract from its container, like a little bumblebee sipping nectar.

Browse these dab pen options, other dabbing accessories, and a wide variety of flavorful cannabis concentrates at From The Earth Missouri. We invite you to explore one of our dispensaries in Missouri and discuss your dabbing desires with one of our brilliant budtenders. Or shop online from home and pick up in-store!



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