Are Infused Pre-Rolls Worth It? Explore Benefits and Effects

Are Infused Pre-Rolls Worth It? Explore Benefits and Effects

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One of the classic, tried-and-true ways to consume cannabis is by smoking a joint. Today, pre-rolled joints offer a convenient way to enjoy cannabis as they arrive ready-to-smoke with ground cannabis buds already perfectly rolled inside. All you need is a lighter! Traditionally, joints and pre-rolls have contained only cannabis flower, but there has been a recent surge in the availability of “infused” pre-rolls in the market. What is an infused pre-roll, and are infused pre-rolls worth it? In this blog, we’ll answer those questions, as well as make recommendations for our best infused pre-rolls!

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infused pre-rolls
What is an infused pre-roll? Dipped joints contain cannabis flower plus THC concentrate, and are ready-to-smoke!


What is an Infused Pre-roll?

What is the difference between pre-roll and infused pre-roll? Infused pre-rolls, also known as dipped joints, provide an enhanced smoking experience with increased effects and potency. This is achieved by infusing one or more types of cannabis extracts into the joint.

What is an infused pre-roll infused with?

A THC-rich cannabis extract like wax, shatter, live resin, or another type of cannabis concentrate is added into the ground bud itself or onto the rolling paper.

You may have seen kief infused pre-rolls, bubble-hash infused pre-rolls, or diamond-infused pre-rolls. These are all names of cannabis concentrates with different consistencies and extraction methods. What is an infused pre-roll called when it’s wrapped in cigar tobacco paper? Those are known as infused blunts.

What is an infused pre-roll problem to look out for?

Unfortunately, some of the dipped joints available pre-rolled today are manufactured using subpar and potentially hazardous cannabis materials. Some pre-roll producers opt for leftover trim or shake instead of premium cannabis strains. The use of unverified concentrates also raises the risk of potential contamination with dangerous solvents or additives.

This is why it is imperative to buy infused pre-rolls in Missouri from a reputable dispensary like From The Earth to ensure that the cannabis flower used is of the highest quality and that the concentrates are extracted using safe and pure methods.

Where to buy infused pre-rolls?

You can buy infused pre-rolls at From The Earth! Rest assured that everything we sell comes from companies that uphold stringent standards and exclusively use top-tier strains in their pre-rolls. All of the cannabis brands we work with also provide documentation to verify each batch has passed state-required compliance testing for safety and purity. From The Earth has all the best infused pre-rolls!

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sharing infused pre-rolls
Because of their high THC content and slow burn, infused pre-rolls are perfect for sharing with friends.


Are Infused Pre-Rolls Worth It?

Are infused joints better than regular joints? In many ways, yes! What is an infused pre-roll known for as far as benefits? Infused pre-rolls provide numerous advantages for cannabis enthusiasts:

  1. Potency: Infused pre-rolls are more potent. The incorporation of clean cannabis extracts introduces an additional layer of potency and flavor to the smoking experience. This means that you can savor a more heightened high and a more robust flavor profile when you buy infused pre-rolls.
  2. Portability: Infused pre-rolls are worth it because they’re highly portable and easy to enjoy, making them an excellent choice for on-the-go consumption anytime, anywhere. No need to be a master joint roller– infused pre-rolls come ready to smoke!
  3. Versatility: Dipped joints are available in indica, sativa, or hybrid varieties, so there are options to choose from in order to discover the ideal strain for productivity, recreation, or relaxation.
  4. Safety: When you purchase them at From The Earth, infused pre-rolls are worth it because they provide a pure, safe, and premium smoking experience every time.
  5. Slower Burn: Because infused pre-rolls contain kief or extract as well as flower, they tend to burn slower and longer. Infused pre-rolls are worth it! Take your time and savor their extra-potent flavor and effects.

So are infused pre-rolls worth it? Absolutely! While pre-rolled infused joints do tend to cost more than other pre-rolls, they’re worth it for several reasons. They contain premium strains plus concentrate so they have more THC, provide a quicker and stronger high, burn slower, and last longer. All reasons that infused pre-rolls are worth it!

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cannabis diamonds and sauce
What is an infused pre-roll infused with? Extra-potent cannabis extracts like THC diamonds & sauce, pictured here.


What is an Infused Pre-Roll High Like?

What is an infused pre-roll best known for? An intense, next-level high! Thanks to its boosted THC content, an infused pre-roll will get you higher, faster than a traditional joint. However, an infused pre-roll could cause an uncomfortable experience for weed newbies. Always start low and go slow when it comes to marijuana!

Are infused pre-rolls worth it? Based on their THC content, yes! When you compare the THC content of an infused pre-roll vs regular joint, you’ll see that typical pre-rolls contain 15-20% THC, while infused pre-rolls contain up to 35% THC .

If you are new to cannabis, do not start with an infused pre-roll. Even experienced users may prefer to split an infused pre-roll with friends, or save some for later. Infused pre-rolls are extremely potent!

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Missouri’s Best Infused Pre-Rolls

So what are the best infused pre-rolls in MO? One popular brand you may have heard of is Jeeter infused pre-rolls, or Baby Jeeter infused pre-rolls. While Jeeter is not a cannabis brand available in Missouri, there are plenty of great brands that make comparable infused pre-roll options in the Show-Me state!

What is an infused pre-roll that we recommend? From The Earth is proud to stock the following premium infused pre-roll choices:

twax preroll

Twax makes distillate-infused pre-rolls that come in several flavors: Lemon Haze (sativa), Blueberry (indica), Grapevine (indica), Banana Cream (hybrid), and Lime Sorbet (hybrid). Each of these tasty, potent pre-rolls contains 1 g of premium ground flower and 200 mg of terpene-enhanced The Clear™ distillate. That’s as much as an entire disposable The Clear™ vape, so take your time and be careful not to over-consume.

Jelly Roll infused pre-rolls provide a 100 mg flavorful burst of terpene-infused distillate at the center of a premium 1 gram joint, enhancing every puff. Indulge in Cherry, Grape, Peaches N Cream, and Vanilla Cake flavors for a tasty and tantalizing elevated high.

Fubar makes two types of strain-specific infused pre-rolls. Choose from THCA diamond-infused pre-rolls containing 1g of weed, or Sauce Boss XL pre-rolls, which contain 1.25 g of top-tier flower, along with an infusion of THC sauce. Buy infused pre-rolls from Fubar rolled with Banana Runtz, Frozen Coke, Moonshot, or Super Boof strains.

Ready to level up your high with extra THC and flavor? Buy infused pre-rolls at From The Earth!




FAQs About Infused Pre-Rolls

What is an infused pre-roll?

An infused pre-roll, also known as a dipped joint, contains ground cannabis buds combined with THC concentrate, ready for smoking.

What are infused pre-rolls infused with?

Infused pre-rolls can contain various cannabis extracts like wax, shatter, live resin, or other concentrates, enhancing potency and flavor.

What are some common types of infused pre-rolls?

Varieties include kief-infused, bubble-hash infused, diamond-infused, and those wrapped in cigar tobacco paper, known as infused blunts.

Why should I buy infused pre-rolls from a reputable dispensary?

To ensure quality and safety, it’s crucial to purchase infused pre-rolls from reputable sources like From The Earth, where stringent standards are upheld.

Are infused pre-rolls worth it?

Absolutely! Infused pre-rolls offer increased potency, portability, versatility, and a slower burn, making them a worthwhile investment for cannabis enthusiasts.

What is the high like with infused pre-rolls?

Infused pre-rolls provide an intense, next-level high due to their boosted THC content, but they may be too potent for beginners. Start low and go slow.

What are some recommended infused pre-roll brands in Missouri?

From The Earth offers premium choices like Twax, Jelly Roll, and Fubar, each providing flavorful bursts of terpene-infused distillate or full-spectrum extract for a heightened experience.

Where can I buy infused pre-rolls?

Shop infused pre-rolls at From The Earth for a selection of premium options that guarantee quality and potency.



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